Tested: 2006 – 2011 Honda Civic Si Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake

Years after the release of this intake I finally had the chance to do a true before and after impartial test of this intake. One of the biggest hyped intakes on this platform — and it really does work.

Now this is a TRUE test of this intake, not your “average test” where they slap on the intake and tune the car and everything that changed was “gains” from the intake. No… just no. All the big intakes require custom tuning or in many cases the car just won’t even run. To combat this inability to “baseline” the car after the intake was put on, many will skip an important step and just slap the intake on and tune the car — not a valid test in any sense.

The simple, yet more involved process:

  1. Baseline the car as it comes in.
  2. Completely tune the car (not this 4k rpm+ rip it and ship it trash for peak #’s).
  3. Install the intake.
  4. Completely tune the car with the intake.

We’re looking at more than just peak numbers, we want to see the whole curve to observe gains and loses throughout the power curve. Between step’s 2 and 4 we now have a valid comparison for the power the intake was responsible for.

So, today our victim was Randy. He purchased the Hybrid CAI from me and turns out his car was a completely stock 2011 Civic Si. Perfect!

I baselined the car completely stock, then plugged in the Hondata FlashPro and stock_vs_stocktuneddid a full tune on the stock car. The results are as follows. Dashed plot is completely stock, solid plot is after the vehicle was tuned. As you can see, pretty good gains across the board just from tuning a stock vehicle — if the vehicle isn’t tuned prior to parts testing, these gains would of been lumped in with the part, which is simply not accurate.

Max got the stock intake torn out and the Hybrid CAI installed. Istocktuned_vs_intaketuned went back in the car and on the laptop for more tuning. Here are the gains the Hybrid CAI facilitated (with more tuning of course) over our previously TUNED vehicle.  Aside from the small loss between 2500 and 3000 rpm, the Hybrid CAI is a stellar performer across the rest of the power curve, with gains as low as 1700 rpm.

So there we have it, unequivocal proof the Hybrid CAI makes power. What were the overall gains from tuning and the intake over a stock car?


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