Isaac’s Turbo Honda Civic Si


  • PRL Turbo Kit
  • Garrett GTX3071 .82 a/r
  • 1000cc injectors
  • VitTuned PWM Booster
  • VitTuned 4 Port Boost Solenoid
  • 91 octane

Light pull is 6psi climbing to 11psi.
Bold pull is 12psi dropping to 11psi up top.

Unfortunately the clutch slipped on the dyno and cost us ~40hp up top. This car is running one of our eTunes, just on the dyno for numbers.


2013 Honda Civic Si


  • Injen CAI
  • Skunk2 Downpipe
  • Invidia N1 Exhaust

Some thoughts — the aftermarket intake on the car was horrible. The intake air temps would sky rocket during the pulls — would start at 65 degrees and climb to almost 100 by the end of a single dyno pull, and this is with the hood up. High intake air temps are detrimental to making reliable power.